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VAST - Free to Air Satellite TV

VAST is a subsidised 'free to air' satellite television service available to eligible customers in regional areas or locations where standard terrestrial television coverage is poor.

The VAST service provides viewers with at least 16 digital television and 14 radio services ordinarily available via terrestrial services in their local area, as well as news services from across Austrlia. The service is completely digital and delivered via satellite dish, and access to the service is available anywhere in regional and remote Australia following a simple eligibility criteria process.

VAST involves the installation of a small satellite dish at your premises (Can also use an existing or previously installed Foxtel / Austar dish), and also a digital satellite set top unit (STU) compatible with VAST, along with a unique smart card provided by us. This is connected to your television set. The service can also, in most cases be installed using extisting cabling from an obsolete TV antenna, making installation a process that can typically ake less than 1.5hrs to install. A stand alone setup including new cabling is also an option. Installation is a one off - up front cost for the purchase of the required equipment, following which here are no ongoing fees or service charges, and you own the equipment! A typical setup where there is a dish already in place costs from as little as $399.00 (supply & install STU & multiswitch). Where a dish is required and additional cabling needed costs start at $550.00 for a complete setup depending on complexity of the installation.

Cairns Computer Support can provide a FREE eligibility test, and a customised installation quote upon request. You can even come to our office and see VAST in operation first hand!