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Remote Support / Helpdesk

Cairns Computer Support can connect to your PC remotely by simply following the steps listed below. Fees Apply: Remote support is charged at $60 per hour Mon-to-Sat between the hours of 9am to 6pm. Outside these hours and Public Holidays are charged at $90 per hour. Remote Support is billed in 15 minute incremements (or part-thereof). You will be required to pay this using your credit card. Upon accepting to provide remote support, you indicate that you accept the charges stated.

1. Contact Cairns Computer Support on 07 4222-1111 to request a remote support appointment or to advise us that you are ready to initiate a remote session. Have your credit card details handy.

2. Download the Remote Access client (Teamviewer Quick-Support) from the blue link on the right hand side of this page. When given the option to Save or Run, select 'Run', otherwise download the file to your desktop and manually run it upon completion of download.

3.Windows may prompt you requesting permission to make changes to your computer, or display some other security prompt. Simply click 'Allow'

5. When your application loads (may take up to 30sec) you will see a window simmilar to this one. It will display a 9 digit 'ID' and a 4 digit 'Password'. Please provide this to the support technician.

NOTE: You may terminate a support session at any time by closing the application by clicking the 'X' from the lower right hand side of your screen. For security reasons, your support technician can only connect to your PC once, each time you start the support tool. You need to establish a new connection for the technician to support you again in the furture if needed.

No personal files or documents will be deleted from your PC during a remote support session without your prior consent. Support sessions may require you to be present on the telephone and in front of your PC.

Please also note that remote support requires you to have a stable internet connection with at least 3mbps download speed. Faster connections are preferred. Please be aware that not all problems can be fixed using remote support as sometimes access to tools or software may be required only accessible via our workshop or a physical callout to your home or business.



Click the link below to download
Teamview Quick Support
Download Quick Support