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Data Recovery Solutions

Cairns Computer Support offers data recovery on a full scale level, with very high success rates. We offer two levels of recovery service:.

Workshop Level Data Recovery:

Workshop level recovery involves the used of specialist disk analysis software to read and restor data from formated, or re-partitioned hard drives and memory cards, as well as accidently deleted data! Workshop level recovery has a turnaround time of 1-2 days. Cost of recovery is dependant on the size of the disk, however if your drive has suffered physical damage that prevents it from being accessible, then there is NO FEE!

Drives / disks under 1TB $90.00
Drives / disks 1TB or greater, and under 2TB $120.00
Drives / disks 2Tb or greater $150.00
Data recovery cannot not determine what is recovered. The process of recovery will detect and re-build files from data clusters that are not overwritten. Recovery fee applies regardless of what data is recovered.

Laboratory Level Data Recovery (specialist service):

For hard drives, and memory cards (including USB flash drives) where physical damage, or hardware failure is a factor in the inabilty to read or access the device, or workshop level recovery is unable to recover any data, we offer our specialist laboratory recovery services.

Laboratory recovery involves several methods of recovery dependant on the device type and failure reason. Laboratory level recovery takes place in a special ESD protected
'clean room' environment, and often involves disassembly of your device. Prices for recovery vary based on fault, and a FREE quote service is offered!

Damaged PCB - drives not powering up, or burnt PCB $550.00
Firmware Corruption - drives not reporting correctly $660.00
Bad Sectors - where a drive is failing and fails to read data $770.00
Motor / Spindle Failure - Very common fault (clicking sound) $1750.00
Laboratory services are offered on a No Fix - No Fee basis, however
a secure postage and handling fee of $45 applies for all submissions,
which includes the cost of returning your drive back to you!

We also offer other specialist recovery services. This includes:
- SSD Drives
- Mobile Phones
- Memory Cards
-Tape Drives

Feel free to contact us today and ask for a quote!