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Custom Built Computers

A Cairns Computer Support custom built computer system is ideal for anyone in the market for a new PC. Your new PC is built using reputable brand components, and with quality workmanship during assembly. The best thing about a custom built computer is that we can build your new PC to your specifications and budget.

We can build you a new computer from as little as $879 complete with monitor, keyboard & mouse. Click here for details

Feeling like you need some inspiration? Here are some custom designs we have put together for you - ready for assembly. Of course, you have the flexibility to add, remove, modify or replace any one of the components to turn our creation into yours! Cairns Computer Support will tailor any system to your needs.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Click on links of each system for full specifications

Why buy a custom built computer over a brand name Computer?
There are several advantages why buying a custom built PC is more beneficial...

1.Custom built PCs are far easier to be upgraded or repaired because they use consistently standardised parts, making it far simpler to repair than new 'brand-name'
computers which often have manufacturer-specific parts & components- meaning it’s very difficult to repair or find compatible replacement parts once out of warranty.

2.Custom built PC's tend to have higher quality parts and workmanship than cheaply made new 'brand-name' PCs, that are mass-built. Being able to choose what goes into the computer means we can source superior parts, giving your PC overall longevity.

3.You have the flexibility to choose all aspects of your PC, from the case style, the colour, the monitor and peripherals to suit your needs and desires - essentially building a computer that appeals to you, not just what works for you!

4.Backup service and support is 100% local. You are dealing with the same people who sold and built your computer, not an overseas call centre, and un-desireably long waiting times for serviceing and repairs. Repairs and maintenance is done locally, and most new custom built computers come complete with an on-site warranty - meaning we come to you!