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Computer Upgrades

At Cairns Computer Support, getting a new lease of life out of your old PC doesn't involve breaking the bank. We can tailor an upgrade of your current system to enhance its performance and logetivity.

Upgrade solutions may include a simple RAM (memory) boost, or a larger - perhaps faster Hard Drive for data storage. More invasive upgrades may include a replacement mainboard & processor to keep in line with current technology.

Whatever the upgrade, Cairns Computer Support, has an option for every budget.

Most simple upgrades can be done onsite - once becoming familiar with your equipment, and ensuring availability of parts. Other upgrades such as replacement of major components require return to our workshop.

Ask us for a quote on upgrading your PC today!


Upgrade Kits

Upgrade kits which include a new processor, new motherboard, and new ram, are the most common and often the most economic method to bring your existing computer up to modern day standard. Provided that your exisiting PC is build using standardised components (particularly the case), and not built using proprietory components, then an 'Upgrade Kit' may suit your needs. Upgrade kits are available to suit all needs and budgets, with entry level Upgrade Kits starting at $339 completely fitted!